Welcome to Coffee Bandits, located under the historic theatre tower in downtown Merced. Since 2011 we have striven to provide Merced with a safe, artistic environment for social creativity. And what better to pair with local arts than delicious local coffee? Hot in the winter, cool in the summer; we have something for every mood and season. Give us a taste!

Gabriel Mathieu d'Erchigny de Clieu, the original Coffee Bandit, was the man to introduce coffee to North America. Our story begins in Renaissance-era France, and our hero is the only existing coffee bush in Europe. This bush, which bore the fruit whose pit can be extracted and roasted into the coffee we know and love, was confined to the garden of the Sun King himself: Louis XIV. And although the Sun King was one of the most powerful (also, the most dandy: he was a proliferate ballet dancer and threw wildly opulent parties) of the world's rulers, he was also selfish and bad-tempered, and refused to share his coffee bush.

The solution? Banditry, of course! Gabriel Mathieu d'Erchigny de Clieu dared to break into the Palace of Versailles and STEAL the Sun King's secret coffee bush.

But how to share this coffee with the world? Through more fortune than skill, de Clieu managed to escape, and hopped the next boat out of town, carrying with him our precious coffee bush. It just so happened that this boat was traveling to the Caribbean, then still referred to as 'The New World.' In the ensuing journey, the escape ship was attacked by savage pirates, and the crew lost most of their supplies. Our noble hero de Clieu selflessly shared his meager ration of water with the liberated coffee bush, almost dying of thirst himself for his sacrifice

Just as all hope was almost lost, the coffee bush wilting and de Clieu parched, the ports of Martinique appeared on the horizon! de Clieu brought the plants ashore and began to grow them in the New World, where they flourished under a tropical sun. From there, the children of our coffee bush were sent to other islands (such as Puerto Rico) then to the mainland (to Guatemala), and across the continent. Thanks to de Clieu, we now celebrate Brazillian coffee, and Columbian, and Jamacian, and Peruvian, and Mexican, and Bolivian...and so on and so on!

Coffee Bandits is a cozy coffee shop situated in the heart of California's Central Valley. Our shop is located Downtown, emblazoned under the orange letters of the Merced towerand next to the Merced Theatre. We do local, organic, healthy options. Not only does Coffee Bandits provide an excellent and ethical assortment of drinks, but it is also our explicit goal to create an outlet for creative energies in Merced. For this reason, we host original music nights and poetry readings, along with art shows, and meetings for community groups.


Monday - Friday: 7a - 9p
Saturday & Sunday: 8a - 9p


email: cb@coffeebanditscafe.com
phone: (209) 383-1200